Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil from the Pure Waters of Iceland

From the world’s purest source of Omega-3 comes the highest quality, purest, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 Fish Oil from the clean waters of Iceland.

Our Flagship Product, Icelandic Purity Omega-3 Fish Oil is specifically formulated for those who want the highest purity levels and maximum benefits available from Omega-3 Fish Oil.

Why Icelandic Purity

5 Years in the Making, Our Research Team has Developed the Next Generation in Fish Oil

New Clinical Strength for Maximum Brain, Heart, Joint & Skin Benefits

Highest Potency Available Anywhere

Four Times the Strength of Most Store-Bought Fish Oil Products

3,750 mg Fish Oil, 1,350 mg EPA, 900 mg DHA

Imported from the Cold Pristine Waters of Iceland

The Purest in the World

Ultra Pure

Harvested from Wild Caught Fish

Exceeds CA Cert 65 Standards: Toxin-Free and PCB-Free

Meets European and US Pharmacopoeia Standards

Independently Tested and Certified for purity by a 3rd Party Laboratory

Enteric Coated to Prevent Fishy Aftertaste

Get the greatest benefit from your
by ensuring maximum levels of EPA and DHA

Brand #1
Brand #2
Brand #3
Brand #4
Fish Oil Per Serving 3750 2000 1280 2000 1000
EPA Per Serving 1350 850 650 300 Not disclosed
DHA Per Serving 900 650 450 200 Not disclosed
Harvested from Iceland Yes No No No No

EPA and DHA are the Essential Building Blocks for Healthy Cell Membranes

Research consistently indicates the majority of Americans have just slightly more than half the amount of EPA and DHA than needed for optimum brain and body health.

Try Icelandic Purity now to maximize the health benefits you receive from your daily fish oil serving.