Announcing the new 90-Count Icelandic Purity Omega 3 Fish Oil.


Since announcing the next generation of Icelandic Purity Omega 3 Fish Oil, demand for the most potent fish oil product on the market has continued to grow. Combining the health benefits of maximum DHA and EPA levels with the purity of wild-caught fish from the pristine waters of Iceland has proven to be a winning combination for health-conscious consumers.

The result, the new 90-Count bottle size was launched to provide our customers with a choice in both product count and retail purchase price.

Today’s leading research suggests pure forms of fish oil, taken daily with the right levels of EPA and DHA, can offer significant health benefits at any age, for the brain, heart, joints, and skin. But studies consistently indicate the majority of Americans have just slightly more than half the amount of EPA and DHA needed for optimum brain and body health.

At Aventa Labs, our goal is to help consumers overcome this common challenge by providing a pure fish oil product with the highest levels of DHA and EPA available.

Try Icelandic Purity today to maximize the health benefits you receive from your daily fish oil serving. Click here to learn more.


Wayne WardenFebruary 4, 2022 at 3:21 amReply

The order from the 90 count is so strong it is almost impossible to take. The previous 180 count was great and the best I have ever tried. No odor and easy to swallow.

RobertFadiaApril 5, 2023 at 2:18 amReply

Giải Trí、Âm Nhạc、Phim Ảnh

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